10 Secrets Behind The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


If you’ve ever seen the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, then you aren’t alone. Every year millions of viewers tune in to watch these ladies rock the runway in the latest and greatest lingerie fashions. Though they don’t seem to leave much to the imagination, there are some things you may not know about this annual spectacle. Everything from catfights over costumes, to the demanding measurements the Angels must abide by, you may be shocked when to take a peak inside the world of Victoria’s Secret. These are 10 secrets behind the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

When it comes to being a VS Angel, there are certain rules you must follow, and that means fitting into the VS Angel mold. Have you ever noticed that the Angels are all pretty similar when it comes to height, weight, and size? That is because Victoria’s Secret has some strict standards when it comes to the Angels. If a model wants to be a VS Angel, she must be exactly 5’9”, have a 24-25 inch waist, and not have a BMI or Body Mass Index over 18. A healthy or normal BMI for a woman is between 21 and 25, where as most athletes have between 14 and 20. This means the Angels have to train like athletes in the months leading up to the fashion show.

In order to keep up to this standard, the models go through some drastic measures in the weeks leading up to the show. The models do a lot to prepare their bodies for the day of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Adriana Lima said she went on a liquid diet when she had to walk to runway 12 weeks after having a baby. The models are so intense about their bodies that some don’t allow water backstage in fear of it causing them to bloat. On the flip side, there are some models that have to gain weight for the show. Victoria’s Secret is known to like their models looking healthy with curves, and not stick thin.

Having a healthy and fit body can actually benefit a VS model while they are walking the runway. It may look easy, but if you’re a VS model, you need to have some serious muscle. The elaborate costumes, though beautiful, can get pretty heavy. VS Runway veteran, Alessandra Ambrosio had to wear the heaviest pair of VS wings yet in 2011. While 4 months pregnant, Ambrosio rocked a pair of jewel incrusted wings weighed 60 pounds while wearing high heels. Though this is the most extreme situation so far, it’s not unusual for wings to weigh 15 to 20 pounds each.

Just because the costumes are huge and sometimes heavy, doesn’t mean they put off the models, in fact it’s quite the opposite. When there are almost 50 beautiful models, there will almost definitely be catfights. But these catfights aren’t over boys or personal reasons, the VS Angels are known to fight over their outfits. Adriana Lima admitted to BuzzFeed during an interview that the girls actually fight over the size of their wings. During fittings for the show the models vie to have the biggest wings. They will plead with the producers and fight with each other to make sure they are the Angel with the largest wings.

One of the most coveted costumes that a VS Angel gets to wear is the one that features that year’s fantasy bra. The extravagant highlight of the show also known as “The fantasy bra” made its debut in 1996 and it cost a whopping $1 million dollars. There have been many fantasy bras since, but the most expensive fantasy bra was worth $15 million dollars. The $15 million dollar fantasy bra even made it into the Guinness Book Of World Records as the most expensive item of lingerie ever. You would think Victoria’s Secret was investing so much in these bras because they have a crazy resale value. But, they actually dismantle the fantasy bras and never even sell them.