Super Mario Odyssey will be taking the world by storm this October, and we can’t wait to reveal a few secrets that weren’t revealed at E3! This new Mario game isn’t quite so new after all since it’ll be using the familiar sandbox style gameplay of classics like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. There are going to be new kingdoms that are full of adventure and dinosaurs! Mario will be flying around in style in Super Mario Odyssey, and his airship just so happens to be a flying tophat. And it’s not ashamed of continuing to stick to a hat theme throughout. The powerups seem to have gone missing, but they may be hidden right under your nose--or in this case, your hat. Mario will have some of his classic moves along with a few extras including a familiar Donkey Kong barrel-styled roll. The day of the Power Star is over and this new one might send you right over the moon! New Donk City has quite a few hidden secrets and easter eggs--and who knows? You may just spot Donkey Kong wandering about this city named after the Nintendo classic character. Enemies are essential to Mario--how else would Bowser be able to escape every time? There has to be some kind of obstacle to slow the Mario brothers down. There’s also going to be some Amiibo exclusives, and they’re wearing something essential to the storyline of Super Mario Odyssey. See if you can guess what it is?