10 SECRET Fast Food Menus You Never Knew About


Maybe you view fast food as a necessary evil in this fast-paced world. After all, at many of these places you don’t even have to step outside your car to place your order; it’s hard to beat that kind of convenience! Whatever your reason for stopping at your local fast food restaurant, you might be interested to know that they offer more than what is on the menu. Many restaurants offer secret menus that most patrons haven’t heard of. While some are just delicious takes on classic favorites, like the Spicy Char from Chik-fil-A, others like Wendy’s Meat Cube are designed to accommodate even those with the largest appetites. Starbucks already offers a vast array of possible drink combinations, but if you’re not too easily overwhelmed, you’ll be amazed at what they offer beyond the ordinary menu. Butterbeer Frappuccino, anyone? If you thought your favorite classic items at Subway or Dairy Queen were gone forever, don’t worry; they’re lurking on the secret menu just waiting for you to order them! While you may pride yourself on having tried every flavor of Sonic’s Slushes, we bet we have a few you haven’t tried yet-even if you might be too embarrassed to order one of them! We also have some healthy options on our list, courtesy of Shake Shake. Just in case you don’t believe getting your food fast is an excuse not to eat healthy. And if you’re looking to shake things up at In-N-Out or Carl’s Junior, don’t worry; we have you covered!