10 Science Facts You Didn't Learn In School


Science classes in school was fun when we were younger, watching shows like “Bill Nye Science Guy” and doing fun “mad science” type experiments. As we got older, science got a bit more boring with textbooks, frog dissections, and endless lectures from teachers and professors. There are a select few out there who enjoy science as it is and don’t need the pizazz of a crafty presentation to draw interest. But for those who aren’t of a scientific mind, sometimes a little extra in presentation is needed in order to get through the topic. Science involves as lot of study, especially in mathematics. The two topics pretty much go hand in hand. As teachers continue to teach science, they are always looking for new ways to get their students interested in the topic. Perhaps it’s not the teachers that need to change, but instead the curriculum, by updating content and integrating modern discoveries.

In this video are ten science facts you didn’t learn in school! From learning how to make balls fly to watching the degeneration of our planet thanks to global warming, there are topics that aren’t brought up in the classroom either because the curriculum isn’t updated, the teachers aren’t allowed to talk about the topic, or they fact was simply missed. Perhaps if schools started integrating notable figures like Neil deGrasse Tyson, perhaps we can raise up a new generation of students who are excited and interested in science! It’s amazing what can garner interest for the next generation of humans, and hopefully will secure the scientific field for the next century!