10 School Teachers You Won't Believe Actually Exist


Teachers; we love them or hate them, and we need them in order to function as a society. Teaching is one of the most unappreciated job professions, where you rarely get thanked. But the rewards are plenty as you see your students reach new heights and further their academic careers. We usually think of teachers as just that...teachers. We don’t think about what their lives were like before they became teachers, what their school experience was like, where they went to college, and what their home life looks like. It’s not uncommon for grade school students to not recognize their teacher outside of the classroom. Which means if Little Billy saw his teacher at the grocery store, he wouldn’t immediately recognize her. Despite popular belief, teachers do exist outside of their classrooms. Plus, this might be a shocker, but they’re normal human beings like you and me. What a concept, right? But you’re about to meet some teachers who are so extraordinary that it’s hard to believe that they’re even in the teaching profession in the first place.

In this video, we’re going to introduce to you ten school teachers you won’t believe actually exist. From boxers with Olympic dreams to a ghost hunting teacher, the people on this list have truly proven that teachers are much more interesting than their classroom. While you think they’re stuck at home grading papers all of the time, they might be having an adventure that would make their kids green with envy!