10 School Teachers You Have To See To Believe


There is no question that teachers have one of the hardest professions in the world. They not only have the responsibility to teach youth, but they are also administrators and communicators with the students’ parents. Teachers definitely do their job out of passion and not for the paycheck. This concept is a shame because teachers definitely don’t get paid enough for what they do. But that is another conversation for another time. There is definitely a stigma and a stereotype when it comes to what teachers should do and look like. When we hear the word, “teacher”, we often think of an older, unkempt woman who is so wrapped up in her job that she can’t take the time to take care of herself, let alone make herself look presentable. This stereotype is unfair, but it is standard because of how many teachers repeat that stigma. So, when a teacher comes around that goes against all expectations, we tend to take notice and feel some sort of shock.

In this video are ten school teachers you have to see to believe. From looking amazing in a dress to doing great things in their classroom, these teachers have made a positive impact. Whether they are changing the standards of teaching, making teachers look more human, or overall changing the way we see teachers, these people are truly amazing in their own unique way. We all have memories of our favorite teachers, and there’s no doubt that the people you’re about to meet have ingrained themselves into the hearts and memories of their students!