10 Scariest Diseases in the World


As human society evolves one of the key areas we are always looking to improve upon is the realm of medicine. Hundreds of years ago, if you were sick or suffering from some strange disease odds were that your body either fought off the illness on its own or you died. Of course, there was also the possibility that you were accused of being a monster, or a witch and chased through the street with pitch-forks. In all seriousness, early medicine was rather crude because we simple didn’t know as much as we did now. Over time, knowledge and treatments improved to the point where we began eradicating or nearly eradicating diseases such as small pox, polio, malaria and even rabies. Thanks to medicine, these once terrifying diseases are now more than under control and manageable.

Yet, it isn’t all so positive everywhere when it comes to disease control. In addition to the near-yearly arrival of some new super-virus that the media obsesses with, there are a range of diseases that remain largely incurable and rather terrifying. Some have recently arrived from the deepest jungles of Africa while others have been around for some time but are so rare that you’ve probably never heard of them. Together, they make up some of the scariest diseases you could ever run up against. They’ll turn your muscle to bone, make you bleed from every orifice, cause your feet to deform or cover you in a blanket of tumors. It’s your choice but we suggest you don’t eat while you watch this round-up of diseases even Hollywood couldn’t make up.