10 Rules Megan Markle Has To Follow And 5 She's Already Broken Second


Everyone’s eyes have been on Meghan Markle since she started dating Prince Harry. It’s been even worse since they got engaged. There are so many rules that come with the crown. And she’s actually already broken a few. Here are 10 Rules Meghan Markle Has to Follow and 5 She’s Already Broken.

For instance, the royal family is not allowed to play Monopoly. Reportedly, the game gets too intense. Fighting over a child’s game is probably not the way that the family wants to be seen. So they just nixed the game altogether. That didn’t stop this future royal from passing Go and collecting $200!

Meghan must be constantly watching the Queen. When the Queen stands, she has to stand. When the Queen finishes eating, everyone must be finished eating. It doesn’t matter if Meghan is halfway through her meal or just began. When the Queen is done, she has to put down her utensils also.

Meghan must stop taking selfies in public. Not that she does it too often, but we are all guilty of taking a selfie or two. This, however, is not the image that the royal family wants to portray. So from now on, all selfies will be for private use only. Sad news for all of us who follow her Instagram account.

Whether it’s the way to wear her crown or how she holds her hands when she drinks tea, there are so many rules to follow. Stay tuned to 10 Rules Meghan Markle Has to Follow and 5 She’s Already Broken to find out what cardinal rule she broke before she even met Harry.