10 Ridiculously Common Insecurities According To Therapists


Have you ever felt insecure about your relationship, your job, or your friends? You’re definitely not alone. So many of us experience these kinds of negative thoughts at some point. Those who work in the counseling professions have heard it all before, and multiple times. In our video we look at 10 of the most ridiculously common insecurities according to therapists.

A lot of insecurities relate to our friendship group. Are we as popular as everyone else? Have we been left out? Fear of missing out – FOMO – can become a personal issue where we feel insecure about our place in our squad. We can also get social media envy, and assume everyone else is happier than us. But social media isn’t real life. And this is such a common feeling that there’s an expression to describe it: “the grass is always greener.” Only it usually isn’t! Another common insecurity is to overthink tiny things, and this has an accompanying phrase too: “making a mountain out of molehill.”

Those who have perfectionist tendencies can experience insecurity too, when they feel that they’re not living up to their own high standards. This can create issues with self-worth and self-esteem. It can also get to an extreme level of imposter syndrome, when you feel like a fraud. And then of course there’s the common insecurity about how we look, which can lead to insecurity about how others view us. And the 21st Century insecurity about how we look in photos and selfies.

Watch our video to see 10 ridiculously common insecurities according to therapists, and let us know in comments which ones you relate to the most.