10 Ridiculous Facts That Are Actually True


Some facts are just so unbelievable that you don’t actually believe them until proven. As the saying goes, believe nothing that you hear and only half of everything that you see. But today, we’re showing you some of the strangest facts around that are definitely true, but you probably wouldn’t believe them even if you saw them first hand with your own two eyes. Today, we’re showing you 10 Ridiculous Facts That Are Actually True.

So, what weird facts have we got lined up for you today? We’ll be talking you through the strangest connection between intelligence and hairy chests, and the real reason why pirates wore eyepatches. Here’s a clue, it wasn’t to look scary or to cover a missing eye. We’ll be showing you what happens if a duckling meets a human before its own birth mother, and how then it’ll think it’s a human for the rest of its life. You’ll be learning about what happens to the existing, damaged kidney when people have a kidney transplant, and a strange fact about blue eyes that you might not ever truly believe. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll be explaining how it’s possible for bees to sting each other, and how some scientific inventions really weren’t invented in the right order, like the tin before the tin can, and the lighter before the match. Are you ready to be well and truly gobsmacked?