10 Ridiculous Celeb Stories That ACTUALLY Made the NEWS


Being a celebrity means that you have to deal with every move you make being under a microscope. Whether you are doing something as simple as grocery shopping or hugging a friend, news outlets will find a way to spin it. Because of that, we have ten ridiculous celeb stories that actually made the news.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? If you do, you probably find it anything but interesting. It is entirely reasonable for people to have shoes they wear every day. But when a celebrity like Jennifer Lawrence is pictured wearing the same sandals day in and day out, it suddenly becomes a scandalous headline.

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the only celeb to make the news for something ordinary. Sofia Vergara has also fallen victim to making headlines for something completely mundane. All the “Modern Family” actress did was eat a banana, and it sent TMZ into over drive. It must have been a slow day for the news outlet when a celebrity eating a banana is newsworthy?

One of the biggest news stories from the summer of 2017 is how much Eminem’s image has changed. While, we are used to headlines about major celeb makeovers, the fact that Eminem’s new beard is one of those stories is a bit underwhelming. Either way, it didn’t stop Twitter from going into a meltdown over the rapper’s facial hair.