10 Richest Kids of Instagram


There’s an old saying that the more money you have the more problems you run into. While we are sure this is probably true, right now we can’t think of any significant problems you could run into other than not being able to get that Lamborghini you always wanted in your favorite color. In all seriousness, to people who aren’t swimming in cash, living a life with millions seems pretty sweet. To most people who do have a ton of green, it’s just normal to them because they usually haven’t known a different lifestyle. For these people, when Porsche can’t get their specially delivered car to them on time or their First Class flight doesn’t come with those seats that are basically small apartments, it might as well be the end of the world.

Thanks to social media, over the last decade the super-rich have been able to flaunt and advertise their lifestyle and us regular Joes have been able to follow every twitter update, Facebook post and Instagram picture. Yes, certain people have developed their own fan base for nothing more than being rich and this is where the rich kids of Instagram come in. Posting pictures of their extravagant lifestyle, these individuals are, for the most part, living off the money of their parents. That said, as you’ll see, a few are working to actually contribute to society and make a few bucks for themselves in order to maintain their status