10 Regular Objects That Look Nothing Like They Used To


There are certain things we see every day and never a give a second thought about their history! But, with a little digging, the evolution of everyday objects can be shocking! From what the first pair of sunglasses looked like to one of the oldest condoms ever, these are 10 regular objects that look nothing like they used to!

Before people were using their sunglasses to look cool indoors, they actually served a purpose! These are the oldest pair of sunglasses ever found and believed to be 800 years old! They were designed by Inuit’s to help protect their eyes from the light that reflected off the ice and snow! The light from the snow could get so dangerous that it could actually blind people! Thankfully, we have a much more attractive way to keep the sun out and look cool at the same time!

There is nothing about the words “breast pouches” that sounds appealing. But, this is what bras were named hundreds of years ago! This bra from Austria is thought to be around 500 years old! Notice the pouch like shape and the lack of underwire! And, there doesn’t seem to be any adjusting straps, which means this bra was custom made for its owner! Bras in modern times are still considered torture devices much like this one probably was, but at least they are much more attractive!

One of the first cars to hit the road was this 1.1 horsepower carriage that was invented in 1886! Just look at the difference in style and the difference in horsepower to what we see today! This “car” featured 3 tires and a rear engine, and apparently, they believed a stick was the best way to steer! The car has evolved so much that now, 130 years later, we have over 500 times more horsepower and luckily for us, a steering wheel!

Considering hundreds of years ago many believed the world was flat, it shouldn’t be surprising that maps look completely different! This 1st-century map shows an Earth that has much more land than water, and the America’s aren’t even on it! It wasn’t until the late 1600’s that we see a map that is closer to the ones we are used to today! In modern times we don’t even use paper maps, most of the time we rely on our cell phones to tell us where to go!

Could you imagine wiping your bottom with a rock? Well, that’s exactly what scientist think these ceramic discs were used for! It is believed that Ancient Romans used hard sponges dipped in vinegar on a stick to clean up after using the restroom. But, because many of these ceramic discs have been unearthed in several Greek and Roman latrines, it’s an easy conclusion that they were also used as ancient toilet paper! Thankfully, there have been many advances in this department!

These days most people wouldn’t be caught dead wearing socks with sandals. But, that wasn’t the case 1600 years ago. In fact, these ancient woolen socks were made by the Egyptians to specifically wear with sandals. Considering there probably weren’t many footwear choices in 400 A.D. we can forgive the Ancient Egyptians for this fashion faux pas!

We often hear of the crazy ways people used to prevent birth before condoms were invented. But, we don’t often hear about what these original condoms were made from or what they looked like! That is, until now! This reusable condom is around 370 years old, and is made from sheepskin! It looks terrifying, and not pleasurable at all! The instructions have been persevered and call for it to be cleaned with warm milk to prevent venereal disease. Yikes!

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