10 Red Carpet Looks The World Was Not Ready For


When celebrities hit the red carpet, it is a chance to showcase their fashion sense to the world. While many of them know exactly what they are doing, some of them can make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Whether the celebrities on this list are shocking the world with their amazing style or showing up looking like a total mess, these are 10 red carpet looks that the world was not ready for.

The Golden Globes red carpet is like the warm-up for the Oscars, except that TV stars show up as well. One TV star who hasn’t graced the Golden Globes in a while happens to be Mandy Moore. The last time Moore was on the Golden Globes red carpet was 2011. So, people were thrilled to see what she would be wearing, and she absolutely stunned the masses with her gorgeous gown. Watch the video to see the look!

Moore isn’t the only person to leave jaws on the floor because of her red-carpet look. Katy Perry did the same, but sadly for an entirely different reason. When Perry showed up to the 2017 Met Gala, everyone was confused. Yes, the theme was avant-garde but what Perry served was more of a nightmare. Responses to her fashion choice hit Twitter, and it wasn’t pretty. We aren’t sure what she was expecting because neither was her look.

One woman who got it right at the 2017 Met Gala was Bella Hadid. If you missed her bedazzled skintight catsuit, don’t worry, we have all the scoop you gotta know!

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