10 Reasons Why The Internet Will Miss Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian has had a hard time since being robbed in Paris in the fall of 2016. She decided to take a month off of work, and that means a break from social media. Now that she is gone, we feel like there is a void, and these are 10 reasons why we are going to miss Kim Kardashian on social media.

So, it hasn’t been that long since Kim has graced our timelines, but it seems like an eternity. She is usually our inspiration for everything that is fashionable and trendy. Her make up selfies are always on point, and she even tells us what products she uses. There are tons of makeup artists that make tutorials based on her makeup selfies. What are we supposed to do now when the makeup artists don’t have anymore Kim K inspiration?

It’s not only her makeup that we look forward to seeing; it’s also her amazing wardrobe. The woman has become a fashion icon, and we love seeing the transformation. She is always so elegant and sexy, and we love trying to emulate her fashion ourselves. Watching Kim’s social media feed is like watching a fashion cat walk, we get to see what is popular at the moment, and what trends she is starting. Now that she is gone, how are we going to know what the current trends are? I guess we will have to get all our fashion advice from Kylie.

Kim is always posting with her family. We love seeing them behind the scenes. Even though “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” doesn’t leave much to the imagination, it’s exciting the see them when all the bright lights are off. Having 2 Kardashians is always better than one. So, when Kourtney and Kim stepped out for Paris Fashion Week, we nearly lost our minds. We also get to see Kim’s mommy side, and we can all agree, it’s completely adorable. From selfie filters with North, or Kim showing off her nieces and nephews, we get our fair share of “aw” when we watch Kim’s snapchats.

Speaking of family, what can be better than watching Kim and Kanye behind the scenes? Watching Kimye in their home being silly and actually smiling warms our hearts. Though it is obvious that they share an amazing life and lifestyle, they aren’t so different from us. Kanye makes cameos and sings, and we even get to see him stepping into his daddy role just fine. Then, when you get both of them together for an instagram selfie, the Internet decides to break. They are truly a social media power couple, and we have no complaints other than we miss seeing them on our timelines.

We feel like Kim is really talking to us on her social media. She is often reaching out, and asking questions. She also knows how much we like her selfies, so she posts them often. Kim admits that she is the one that runs her social media accounts, and has even said that she reads the comments. With millions of fans, it’s hard to believe how hands on Kim is, but that’s the best thing about a superstar having social media. It makes her seem more accessible, and it makes us seem like we really know her.

We aren’t sure how long she is going to be gone, and to be honest, we get it. That doesn’t mean we have to like it. The world of social media has been a little darker since she left, but we know she will come back bigger and better than ever. Until then, we have 5 other Jenner/Kardashian kids to keep us company. What are some of the reasons you miss Kim Kardashian on social media?