10 Reasons Why Kylie Jenner Is Better Than Her Sisters


Love them or hate them, the Kardashian/Jenner sisters have had a major influence on western culture. But, which sister ranks supreme? We have seen her grow up right before our eyes, and what a ride Kylie Jenner has had. The older she gets, the more we see her blossom, and give her sisters a run for their money! Today we are discussing 10 reasons why Kylie Jenner is better than her sisters.

When Kylie decides to do something, she does it big! In December 2016, she opened up her first pop up shop “Kylie Cosmetics” in California. The night before the opening she alerted fans, which flocked to the location in the masses, some even camping out. The day of the opening, her and her on again off again boyfriend Tyga greeted the crowd in person. The event was so massive that patrons had to have a wristband to attend, and were only allowed to spend 20 minutes total in the store!

There is a reason her pop up shop did so well. When it comes to the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, Kylie has become a cosmetics mogul. Her lip kits fly off the shelves as soon as a new line is released, and people love them. Kylie did get some backlash for the lipkits when people claimed they were more expensive replicas of ColourPop brands. Kylie insists that she developed the formula herself, and her lipkits are truly unique.

Out of all of the Kardshian/Jenner siblings, Kylie might be the one who knows the power of her fans, and appreciates them the most. She makes her self accessible to her fans, and actually talks to them. She goes out of her way to meet them at her appearances, and even started an anti-bullying movement. In 2015 Kylie featured 6 stories over 6 days that her fans sent her that featured them overcoming adversities. The stories were part of the #IAmMoreThan instagram anti-bullying campaign created by Kylie to honor her fans.

In real life and on social media, it’s no secret that Kylie Jenner has major influence. Yes, older sister has had the influencer crown for a while, but the youngest sister and climbing her way to the top. Being so young and accomplishing so much has made Kylie a figure that a lot of young women have started looking up to. Girls look to Kylie for influence for everything from how she does her makeup to how to deal with harsh criticism like a boss. Kylie’s strong personality and beauty is paving the way for young girls today.

She’s an entrepreneur, model, personality, influence, and a star. These are all qualities that celebrities of the future are going to possess, and Kylie Jenner is starting the trend. When she developed and released her app, she took out the middleman of social media and made fans go to the app to get their Kylie fix. Many people believe that celebrities of the future will start developing their own apps, and people won’t need social media or entertainment news anymore. People will rush to the source of the content, and create a direct celeb to fan business market.

If you can’t get enough Kylie Jenner in your life, you can now have her every day of the year in 2017. The youngest of the Kardarshian/Jenner siblings has her eyes set on stealing the title of sexiest sister from older half sister Kim. Kylie released a sneak peek of the calendar with famed photographer Terry Richardson, from behind the scenes. From wrapping a snake around her neck to wearing 1920’s inspired lingerie, 2017 is shaping up to be the year of Kylie.

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