10 Reasons Why All Celebrity Marriages End In DIVORCE


From Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Russell Brand and Katy Perry, it really seems like every celebrity couple is splitting up these days. No matter how much they appear to be the epitome of #relationshipgoals; celebrity relationships are very hard to maintain, and here’s why.

Even though most celebs claim to hate the attention they receive from the paparazzi, some celebrities actually use photographers to their advantage when it comes to crafting or destroying their marriages. Actress Katie Holmes was accused of using the paparazzi during the final days of her marriage to Tom Cruise to have the actor portrayed as a “cruel nutcase.” She was also accused of tipping the paps to her location so they could photograph her out and about with their daughter, Suri, so she could appear to be the better parent during their divorce proceedings.

It’s no secret that many celebrities suffer from narcissism. With thousands of adoring fans screaming their name, magazine covers dedicated to their beauty, and photographers chasing after them to capture the perfect shot, it makes sense that many famous people have an inflated ego. They start to believe they are better than everyone else, including their spouses. After supermodel Christie Brinkley’s 12-year marriage to Peter Cook ended in divorce, Peter called her a “narcissistic egomaniac” during their child custody battle. Christie fired back at him by accusing him of being "jealous of her success." Yup, that definitely sounds like a narcissist to us!

Celebrities also have to deal with some of the craziest work schedules, including long hours on set or countless hours spent in the rehearsal studio. Their schedules cause a strain on their marriages, and reality TV star Yolanda Hadid found this out when she saw her marriage to musician David Foster burst into flames. David filed for divorce in December 2015 after just four years of marriage. The end of their marriage was blamed on David’s busy work schedule.

One of the best parts about being celebrity is the huge paycheck. But when a marriage goes bad, money isn’t a factor when it comes to staying together or ending things once and for all. When Russell Brand and Katy Perry ended their brief marriage, the couple didn’t have a prenuptial agreement. By law, Russell was entitled to $20 million dollars from Katy’s fortune, but since he had a career of his own and was bringing in a decent paycheck, he refused to take the cash.

Taking things too fast, a lack of privacy, long periods of separation and working with hot co-workers are a few of the other reasons why celebrity marriages seem to never last. But one of the most common causes is their huge egos. The clashing between two superstars who are battling for the public’s attention can be disastrous for a celebrity marriage. With the September 2016 announcement that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are ending their marriage after just two years, it makes us wonder if these two superstars’ egos fueled the flames in their troubled marriage.

Are you surprised by these common reasons for celebrity divorces?