10 Reality TV Shows That Lied Straight To Your Face


We were all so excited when reality television shows hit the airwaves. Programs like The Real World gave us an intimate and up close peek at the lives of strangers living together in a house. This was when reality t.v. was “real,” but nowadays, a true reality show is hard to come by.

Reality t.v. has changed throughout the years, and many of the shows use writers to create scripted drama that will be appealing to viewers. Scenes are also reenacted and re-filmed in order to get a more aesthetically appealing shot. Producers have been outed for feeding cast members’ lines, and even former stars of these shows have confirmed the use of fake scenes and storylines to make the shows as juicy as possible.

A participant on HGTV’s House Hunters gave an interview with the website Hooked on Houses after she appeared on an episode of the reality show. To the unsuspecting viewer, House Hunters is all about a homebuyer who tours three homes, and by the end of the show, the best home is picked. The homebuyer moves in, furnishes the digs to their liking, and the credits roll. But, not so fast! According to the past participant, her home was already purchased before she even began filming. A rep for the network didn’t deny this claim, and instead, they insisted that the show was filmed this way in order to meet production “time constraints.” Either way, the series is still popular even though it’s completely fake.

But House Hunters’ trickery is nothing compared to the series Man vs. Wild. The star of the show, Bear Grylls, was the adventurous outdoorsman who taught survival techniques to viewers. But soon enough, the show was exposed. Although Grylls provides sound advice, it was confirmed that he wasn’t necessarily roughing it during his outdoor adventures. Instead, he would frequently shack up in a hotel during filming. Viewers were outraged, but the series continued on up until A&E terminated Grylls’ contract.

While it seems like cameras were just left to roll and capture all the crazy happenings during the early Real World days, that tactic is no longer used for today’s reality television shows. Duck Dynasty is a program about a Louisiana family who sells duck calls. You would think that the characters are robust and entertaining enough to simply make the show exciting on it’s own, but producers think differently. The stars have confirmed that they are given lines, scenarios and storylines to spice things up a bit. All in all, Duck Dynasty is nothing more than a scripted show, but does that stop viewers from watching? Not at all!

Even though we know that true reality t.v. is dead and gone, we still can’t help but to keep watching. We understand the storylines may be completely fake, and some of the scenes may have been reshot in a studio, but it doesn’t even matter at this point. It’s all done in the name of entertainment, and we’ll continue to tune in week after week.