10 Real People With Shocking Genetic Mutations


When we think of people with genetic mutations, we tend to think of one of two things. The first is we think about superheroes like the X-Men, who are mutated human beings with amazing superpowers that save the world. The other think we think of are people who are disabled, disfigured, or mentally challenged. If we were to be born with genetic mutations, most people would want the former and become an amazing superhero. However, because we live in reality and not fantasy, people with genetic mutations are pretty much normal. The only difference is that they might have been born with extra body parts, they might age faster, age slower, have different eye colors, the possibilities are endless. There are more subtle genetic mutations like red hair, which is the result of the mutation of the MC1R gene. So, if you know someone with red hair, then you know a real life mutant!

In this video are ten real people with shocking genetic mutations! The people on this list are rare, and they have found their own claim to fame because they are so unique. While their genetic mutations may inhibit them, they have certainly found a support system in their friends, families, and followers. Had these people lived during an earlier time period, they might have found themselves living on the street, working the circus freak show, or even dead. Thankfully, today’s society is much more accepting of people who are different and don’t fit into the traditional norm of people.