10 Real Life Heroines Disney Should Make The Next Disney Princess


You know that most Disney princesses are based on fairy tales, but a few of them are based on stories of real people. We’ve scoured the history books and selected ten incredible women we think would make excellent additions to the current Disney lineup. Hedy Lamarr was more than a stunning beauty and a talented actress; she pioneered technology that we still use today. Kathrine Switzer raced in the Boston Marathon at a time when women were forbidden to, blazing a trail for future female runners. You’ve probably heard the story of Rosa Parks, but do you know the heroic story of Claudette Colvin? Another amazing heroine who got pushed out of the spotlight in favor of another is Sybil Ludington, who traveled even farther than Paul Revere to warn of an oncoming invasion. For more videos, be sure you’re subscribed for the latest from TheTalko. And let us know in the comment section who you think the next Disney princess should be.