10 Real Life Giants


You know those bedtime stories you’d read when you were younger, the ones with dragons and witches and giants? It turns out that they weren’t just stories. Well, we’re pretty sure the dragons and witches are purely fictional, but the giants? Not so much. We’ve put together a list of 10 real life giants that have walked this earth in far more recent times.

Some of these giants are huge enough that you would think a storyteller had dreamt them up, and one has even gone on to use this to his advantage by starring in a popular TV series. From the weightlifter who can carry a 649 kilo, 30 foot long log – and broke a 1000 year world record doing so – to the woman who grew to over eight feet tall, giants are more common than you’d previously thought.

The reason for their huge bulk varies too. Sure, some of these giants are the way they are due to medical conditions, but others have built up their bodies through pure determination and hard work, to achieve their impressive physique. Unsurprisingly, most have faced worldwide attention for their height or weight, but these gentle giants don’t seem to be too upset. One of them, who has used her height to boost her blog and modeling career, even considers it an advantage. Another was thrilled to enter the Guinness World Records. I guess it’s time for us to break out our highest shoes and join in, right?