10 Real Kids Who Were Raised by Wild Animals


We sometimes forget that even though we are humans, we are still animals. Evolving over millions of years, we developed physical and cognitive attributes that allowed us to rise to the top of the animal kingdom. We can build sophisticated homes, towns, cities and communications. We work to eradicate diseases and stamp our authority over the planet. But, in the end, we are still just animals – some more than others in certain instances. What do we mean? Sure we can drive cars and build things but stop and think about it. We are all dominated by primal urges which rule the animal kingdom. Whether the urge to mate or signal your dominance or ownership over something, we’re still animals.

Our animal instincts and attraction to the animal world are well documented. Perhaps this explains our love of Youtube videos concerning dog and cat fails. It could also help to explain why we enjoy living with a variety of animals in our own homes. In fact, there are numerous cases of humans not only living around animals but actually being raised by them. Yes, it’s like a real life Jungle Book – only without the rated-G storyline and the animals don’t speak English to each other. In all seriousness, however, children all over the world have been found living with animals of various species. From feral dogs on the streets of Russia to goats in the Andes to monkeys in the African forests, these following cases all demonstrate incredible stories of acceptance and survival as humans were effectively raised by non-human communities of animals.