10 Real Kids Who Are Only 1% In The World


Thankfully, we live in a society where acceptance and inclusion is becoming the norm. Just 50 years ago, if you showed signs of being different, you were immediately the “other.” In a world where we’re all alike, it can be hard to find your place. While our families, friends, and even teachers will tell us that we’re all unique and special, we are all pretty average. There are actually some pretty special individuals who are truly the 1% of the world. It means that they might have a special talent, a medical condition, or are marvels that stun us all. Back in the old days, these kids might have been placed in the circus and entertainment business. Today, we put them on YouTube, the news, and give them opportunities to share their stories. If you think that you’ve had a bad day, just take a look at these amazing kids and find your inspiration!