10 Real Curses That Haunt Famous Actors And Movies In Hollywood


Movie sets have to be some of the safest places on earth. Bound by strict safety regulations, studios do their darndest to make sure cast and crew get through production unscathed. After all, they wouldn’t want to get sued. Still, the safest movie set in the world isn’t immune to everything. So when accidents happen on set, or when cast and crew members die under mysterious circumstances, it’s tempting to wonder if something supernatural is to blame. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Creepy Curses That Haunt Famous Hollywood Movies

The Dark Knight

Everyone knows the fate of Hollywood heartthrob Heath Ledger. After turning in his iconic turn as The Joker in Christopher Nolan’s comic book masterpiece The Dark Knight, Ledger died of an accidental overdose on sleeping pills. But that wasn’t the only bad thing that happened to people involved with the film. While it was still filming, a special effects expert died on set after a vehicle carrying a camera crashed into a tree. After it came out, Morgan Freeman was involved in a car accident which landed him in the hospital. Nevertheless he returned to film The Dark Knight Rises. Presumably, the curse had lifted by that point.

The Curse of Billy Bob Thornton

Speaking of Heath Ledger, the young actor co-starred in Monster’s Ball with Billy Bob Thornton back in 2001. Nowadays, people know Thornton as the beloved character actor from such films as Waking Up in Reno, Sling Blade, Daddy and Them, and Bad Santa. But who were his co-stars in those other movies? Well, in Waking Up in Reno, Thornton shared the screen with Patrick Swayze, who died of pancreatic cancer at the early age of 57. Actor JT Walsh died of a heart attack in 1998, just two years after co-starring in Sling Blade. Daddy and Them is the last film of Ernest-star Jim Varney, who died of lung cancer at age 50. And Bad Santa has two premature deaths associated with it: John Ritter passed away in 2003 while Bernie Mac succumbed to a heart attack in 2008. This probably doesn’t have anything to do with Billy Bob, but it’s a creepy coincidence, nonetheless.

The Oscar Love Curse

Here’s another curse that might be real, the Oscar love curse. This theory holds that women who win the Oscar for Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress are more likely to see their marriages and relationships go down in flames. Stars like Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, and Sandra Bullock have seen their long-term romances come to an end not long after winning an Academy Award. Apparently, there might be some truth to this curse. In the journal Organization Science, two professors conducted a study of the so-called curse and determined that it might be real. They determined that the upward positive shift in social status could have a detrimental effect on the marriage. So if you want to stay married, folks, it might be a good idea to stay away from the Oscar spotlight.

Superman Curse

The Superman Curse begins with George Reeves, who portrayed the character in the 1950s TV series The Adventures of Superman. After his career was hampered by typecasting, Reeves was tragically killed by a gunshot wound in 1959. The next actor to don the tights was Christopher Reeve in Richard Donner’s Superman in 1978. Reeve played the superhero until 1987’s Superman IV.

But in 1995, he was paralyzed from the neck down in a horse-riding accident. So far, no horrible life-changing events have been brought down on Tom Welling or Brandon Routh, but there’s no doubt that their careers haven’t quite taken off in the years since they’ve played Superman. Perhaps Henry Cavill, the latest actor to take on the Man of Steel, can turn things around for the character.