10 Professions That Have The World's Most Beautiful Women


When we’re looking for a new job, we typically assume that appearances aren’t a part of the hiring process. In fact, 99% of jobs around the world are supposed to be open and available to everyone. But, let’s face it...there’s some discrimination when it comes to hiring models, cheerleaders, and even ladies of the night. While it’s kind of bad to admit, we do judge people by their appearances. We have certain assumptions when it comes to what kind of person should work in each sector. We assume that attractive people are smarter, healthier, and even nicer to be around. There are certain expectations when it comes to certain services and employees, and we’d all be lying if we didn’t hold these positions to that same standard. So, the reason why there are professions that only hire beautiful women is because of US...we have massive expectations as a society when it comes to appearances.