10 Productive Things To Do Instead Of Checking Facebook. Again.


The average Internet user spends up to 50 minutes each day looking at pictures, reading status updates, stalking their crush and browsing Facebook. The social networking site is a great way to stay in touch and connect to other users, but too much time online can really disconnect you from the real world. Facebook has over one billion active users, and people feel very comfortable sharing high and low of their life on the social media site. But too much Facebook can actually be a bad thing, and that’s why we developed this list of things you can do instead of checking the social networking site.

While navigating through Facebook, you may feel forced to comment on all of your friends’ statuses, like all of their pictures, and update your profile frequently. With Facebook totally consuming our lives, sometimes it’s good to just logoff, step away from the computer or mobile device, and do absolutely nothing. That’s right, just sit there and enjoy the silence. Sometimes we really need those quiet moments in life where we can decompress from the online world.

Now that social media sites take up so much of our time, many people have forgotten all about their hobbies and the things that they love to do. They resort to websites like Facebook to bring them pleasure and instant gratification. But nothing beats logging off of Facebook for awhile and participating in an arts and crafts project that you love. Whether it be painting or jewelry making, if it’s something that you’re passionate about, the time will fly by, and you won’t even miss Facebook at all!

Now that we have email and text messages, it’s much easier to connect with someone almost instantly. But nothing beats using a pen and a paper to compose a handwritten letter. The next time you feel compelled to check Facebook, take some time to write a letter to a friend or family member instead. Place it in an envelope, affix a stamp, and mail it off. But don’t leave a Facebook comment to let them know a letter is on the way! Let it be a surprise. When they see your letter in the mail it will definitely brighten up their day!

Although Facebook is a social media site, there really isn’t anything social about it. Some people would rather hang out on Facebook all day than to actually go out with friends, meet new people, and go out on dates. Commenting on a friend’s status update is just not the same as interacting and engaging in conversation with them in real life. So instead of checking Facebook again, call up a few friends and interact with them out in the real world.

Step away from Facebook and get lost inside the pages of your favorite book. Even if you just have 30 minutes to spare, reading can boost your vocabulary and melt away stress. A British study asked participants to engage in anxiety-provoking activities, and then read a book for a few minutes afterwards. After reading, the participants’ stress levels dropped by 67%. So if seeing all of your friends buy new cars, get engaged and have babies on Facebook causes you to stress out, just logoff and pick up a book instead.