10 Presidents Who Had Affairs With Famous People


Men who hold a position of power are known to have extramarital affairs, but when these Presidents stepped out on their significant others with famous people, they made headlines. From Hollywood actresses to princesses, these Presidents didn’t discriminate when it came to their sexual conquests.

French presidents are known for their messy love lives, and François Mitterrand was one of the first to have a long-running affair with a famous person. He was involved in a secret relationship with his mistress, a well-known French art historian and author Anne Pingeot, for over 20 years. Anne secretly gave birth to François’s daughter in 1974, but François and Anne were never able to make their love affair official. François remained legally married to his wife, Danielle Gouze, up until his death in 1996.

French President Francois Hollande followed in Mitterrand’s footsteps when it was revealed he was cheating on his live-in girlfriend, Valerie Trierweiler, with French TV personality Julie Gayet. Francois was photographed multiple times visiting a flat in Paris, and the home was rumored to be the secret love nest he shared with Julie. Due to all the rumors, Valerie suffered an emotional breakdown and checked herself into a hospital, and her relationship with Francois soon came to an end.

But American presidents take the cake when it comes to their love affairs. Former President Bill Clinton is no stranger to infidelity, but one of his affairs managed to stay out of the press until after his terms in office. In 2014, actress Elizabeth Hurley was accused of having a year-long affair with Clinton during his presidency. A tape was released of Elizabeth’s ex-boyfriend, actor Tom Sizemore, saying Clinton flew Elizabeth to Washington on a private jet, and they hooked up for days. Elizabeth took to her Twitter to deny the allegations, and Tom even said he made up the entire story. But based on Clinton’s past philandering ways, this affair is definitely believable.

He also had an affair with actress and model Gennifer Flowers. Gennifer came forward with claims that they had been involved in a long-running sexual relationship, but Clinton denied everything at first. He later fessed up to having a “sexual encounter” with Gennifer. Clinton said it was a one-time thing that happened two years before he married his wife Hillary, while Gennifer says their affair lasted for 12 long years.

Before running for President, Ronald Reagan was an actor who spent his time in bed with some of Hollywood’s most glamorous ladies. But in 1945, he became enamored by 19-year-old up-and-coming actress Marilyn Monroe. According to friends of Reagan, Marilyn would visit him in the hospital after he broke his thigh bone while playing baseball. It was right there in the hospital bed where the affair reportedly took place.

Reagan didn’t stop there. Back when she was just 15-years-old, Elizabeth Taylor went to Reagan’s apartment to audition for a film role. Reagan was married to actress Jane Wyman at the time, but that didn’t stop him from what reportedly happened next. He allegedly gave Elizabeth a drink, but he was “reluctant to make the first move.” Elizabeth later told friends that she was “the aggressor” in their affair.