10 Pranks That Went TOO FAR


Pranks and friendships go hand and hand. People have been pranking each other for centuries, ever heard of the Trojan Horse? Ok, that may not have been so much of a prank as it was a war tactic, but the outcome, very much like these pranks, wasn’t very good. From cruel and unusual, to getting people to destroy property, these are 10 pranks that went too far.

It’s not often that people go crazy at shopping establishments, outside of Black Friday. One woman caused complete chaos at a Burlington Coat Factory store in Columbus, Ohio in 2007. Linda Brown rolled up to the store in a stretch Hummer, then walked inside and announced to customers that she had just won the lottery and she was going to treat everyone to a $500 shopping spree. At first, people were confused, until Brown started writing checks to strangers, soon the place went crazy, and shoppers were lining up at the door. Brown left the store in her stretch Hummer, and told shoppers she would be back with more money. When she didn’t come back, the customers were livid, and ended up trashing the store, and stealing all the merchandise anyway. Police caught up with Brown, and it turns out she was a wanted women, and was jailed on charges that were not related to her elaborate prank.

Another prank gone horribly wrong involved a phone, a Burger King, and employees who don’t understand chemistry. Someone pretended to be from the fire department in San Luis Obispo, California, and called the local Burger King and told the employees there was a gas leak. Apparently, the only way the store could be saved from a gas fueled fire was if the gas could escape through the windows of the store. Taking notes from the caller, the employees immediately started busting out all the windows, and left the fast food joint with thousands of dollars worth of damage. It turned out that there wasn’t a gas leak, and the employees had been duped. The police tried to investigate the call, but no one has been convicted at this time.

One prank call that was taken too far was when a radio show stationed out of Australia decided to prank call a hospital in London. It’s not unusual for a radio station to make prank calls, so there was no reason to think, this prank would end up with a woman killing herself. Sadly, when the Australian DJ’s called and pretended to be the Queen of England and Prince Phillip in hopes to get medical information about the recently hospitalized Princess Kate, they did just that. The nurse who answered the call didn’t think it was suspicious that the Queen would be calling, so she pushed the call through to Kate’s nurse, who gave the prank callers the private information. It wasn’t until the DJ’s said something ridiculous that the nurse realized she was pranked, and hung up and told the other nurse. Though there were no warnings or any sign that either of the nurses were in trouble or could get fired, the nurse who answered the call blamed herself for leaked private information, and ended up hanging her self 3 days later for her mistake.