10 Pranks That Had Incredible Consequences


Pranks are fun, but sometimes people take them just a little bit too far. The results can be highly entertaining or they can lead to a prank gone horribly wrong. From senior pranks to magic trick fails, let’s have a look at 10 pranks that had incredible consequences!

Who can forget about the Polish magician who wanted to show off his Spike in the Bag magic trick? The Roulette-style magic trick, which involves pushing your hand down on the bags, is not intended to hurt anyone. The spike used simply gets pushed down. But this magician’s prank failed. After pressing down on the bag as instructed, the TV presenter screamed in agony - her hand was pierced by the spike and she had to be taken to the hospital. The magician’s mistake? Using someone else’s hand instead of his own.

And then there were the Lawndale high school students who thought it would be hilarious if they’d release a dozen goats to roam free on their football field. Seems like a pretty innocent prank, right? Little did they know was that these goats have been the potential sources of E. coli that was spreading through the city at the time. What’s made to be a simple prank actually ended up completely closing the football team for 6 months until all bacteria was finally removed. Talk about high school prank went wrong!

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