10 Pranks for Back to School


It’s back to school prank time! Today we’ll introduce you to some of the most amazing pranks you can pull on your classmates, people at work, or your siblings. We’ll show you how to pull off the air horn chair prank, the cup prank, cover a room with post it notes, make a fake Macbook, make fake ice cream, and more!

Making fake ice cream is pretty easy and probably one of the funniest pranks out there. What you’ll need is powdered sugar, corn syrup, shortening and food coloring. You can create different colors, add a cone, and voilà, there’s your perfect fake ice cream!

The cup pranks are already popular and we love them because they really do require a lot of effort. You can find plenty of awesome cup pranks out there and you should definitely put this prank on your bucket list!

People have been using post it notes since forever, but we love seeing a whole room covered in post its! Just like the cup prank, the post it notes prank is entertaining and it requires a certain amount of effort to pull it off. They’re just fascinating to look at!

We love the air horn chair prank! These are perfect for an office or a classroom, just make sure you don’t get yourself in trouble!

Have you pulled any of these pranks yourself? Make sure to watch our video to learn how to pull the air horn chair prank, the cup prank, how to make a fake Macbook, cover the room with post it notes, make fake ice cream, and more!