10 Popular TV Shows With Real Life Tragedies


Hollywood has a way of making the entertainment industry look fabulous, but the truth is there are many dangers associated with the filming of some of your favorite TV shows. From actors falling asleep at the wheel to location scouts searching for filming sites in high-crime areas, these are 10 popular tv shows with real-life tragedies.

2017 was a rough year for Hollywood. In July a stuntman for “The Walking Dead” fell from a 20 platform. Though this happens on set every day, the stuntman landed on concrete instead of a stunt mat. Sadly, he wasn’t able to pull through. This incident had many questioning the safety of workers on set.

Another incident that raised eyebrows in the entertainment industry comes from the “Riverdale” set. The show’s producers were notorious for keeping cast and crew working until the early morning hours. This turned out to be too much for actor, K.J. Apa, to handle. The star ran the passenger side of his car into a post after falling asleep at the wheel. He was headed home after working a 14 hour day on set.

One of the most tragic incidents of 2017 happened away from the film set. Carlos Muñoz, a location manager for “Narcos,” was scouting locations in Mexico. Sadly, this was his last assignment. He was found in his car after a brutal attack, and no one is sure what really happened.

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