10 Popular Makeup Hacks That Just Don't Work


Make up hacks can be a lot of fun to try, they can also have great results that are more cost effective than using the real deal. On the other hand, there are many hacks that sound too good to be true, and with the hacks on this list, that’s exactly the case. From the potential to go blind, to just plain out having less than desirable results, these are 7 beauty hacks that don’t work.

When one beauty blogger claimed to have a makeup hack that could turn Oreo cookies into mascara, the internet just had to try! Though we think Oreos should be left for dunking in your milk, we must say, homemade mascara sounds pretty intriguing. Unfortunately, this makeup hack comes up short. Not only is it dangerous to put Oreo crumbs around your eyes, but the mascara doesn’t stick to your eyelashes. Also, you will spend more money buying all of the ingredients for this hack than you would just buying a tube of drugstore mascara. We say spare your eyes the potential risk of blindness and infection, and don’t even attempt this hack. There are so many videos of beauty bloggers trying this hack for you; it’s just not worth the risk!

The same blogger who brought you the Oreo mascara hack, decided it would be a good idea to keep playing with food and try to make M&M’s into eyeliner. We wonder how many formulas she tried until she found the right combination of water, eye shadow, and M&M’S. We can tell you some beauty bloggers who tried this outrageous hack did have some success, but you would have to almost be a chemist to get the formula right. Even if you did get the formula correct, the base of this eyeliner is chocolate. Does anyone else see the problem with this? Chocolate has a high melting temperature, so not only would your body heat make it melt, but also if you were to go outside on a hot day, you would be left with a melted sticky mess on your eyes. Much like the Oreo mascara, there are risks of eye damage, and it’s best to stick with your usual brand of eyeliner, and save the M&M’s for your candy fix.

Another eyeliner hack that totally misses the mark was made popular by Taylor Swift. It was actually quite irresponsible of Taylor to tell the world that she uses Sharpie markers as eyeliner, because of course her fans were going to try this hack out. While a sharpie marker looks very similar to eyeliner pens, in no way is it safe for your eyes. When beauty bloggers tried this hack out, they couldn’t get past 3 seconds of having the sharpie on their eyes before they started watering up. The fumes form the sharpies are very strong, and can be toxic for your eyes. Not only that, but who would want to use something that is semi permanent on their eyes? What happens if you mess up? You will be stuck with an uneven line, and watery red eyes.

There are claims that when you combine cocoa powder with lotion, you can create a cheap self tanner that doesn’t leave you smelling like fertilizer. This almost sounds too good to be true, and sadly it is. When trying this out, beauty bloggers found that they had to use several layers in order to get to their desired bronze color. Then, the more layers they piled on their skin, the messier and streakier the tan would become. After all their time and effort used to finally create a even looking tan, their tan could be wiped off with a gentle touch of their fingers. Luckily, self-tanners have come a long way over the past decade, and you can get a pretty good tan if you just stick to what is already proved to work!