10 Pop Stars Who Accidentally Look Like Disney


We love it when pop stars remind us of cartoons, especially when we spot pictures that show celebs twinned with Disney characters. Sometimes it’s their hair that makes them a ringer for a Disney Princess, Prince, or villain. Sometimes, it’s their clothes. Whatever it is, it’s a fun moment when it all clicks together!

Romanian singer Elena Gheorghe has long, flowing locks that are totally reminiscent of the title role in “The Little Mermaid.” In fact, the pop star dressed up as Ariel for her “Autograf” music video, along with a whole host of other Disney Princesses. When you watch our video, you’ll discover a fun fact about the Little Mermaid’s hair too, and the influence of the movie “Splash” on its color.

As well as Disney Princesses having recognizable hair, so do the villains. And singer Melanie Martinez channeled the baddy from “101 Dalmatians” when she dyed her hair at the age of 16. Find out what her mom thought of her two-tone, Cruella de Vil hair, and why Melanie’s music has a children’s theme.

We’ve found the Disney twins of lots of pop stars, including Taylor Swift, Nicole Scherzinger, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Jess Glynne, Ariana Grande, Perrie Edwards, and Joe Jonas. Are you excited to find out who they are? Then watch this video!