10 Pokemon Characters Who Look EXACTLY Like Celebs


There are over 7 billion people in the world, so it’s no surprise that more than a few of us would look just like a our favorite Pokémon characters. In fact, a few of our favorite celebrities have striking resemblances to their virtual characters - leading us to believe that many famous people may be living secret double life as the animated creatures.

Kylie Jenner is always switching up her look. One days she’s blonde, and the next days she’s wearing brunette cornrows. But when the reality TV star stepped out with lime green hair at an industry event, she was a dead ringer for Gardevoir. The human-like Pokémon is the most regal and the most dazzling of the virtual characters. She sports a beautiful white gown, and the same lime green hair as Kylie. The similarities between these two is uncanny. They even have the same doe-like eyes, and they’re both feminine and glam at all times.

Harry Styles is definitely a superstar and a heartthrob, but we definitely think the One Direction singer is living a secret double life as a Pokémon. The singer has an almost identical resem-blance to Tangela. The virtual character is covered in unruly vines all over his face, and after a long performance on stage, Harry’s hair looks just like the tangled vines of the Pokémon. These two can practically be brothers!

When we look at certain Pokémon characters, we can’t help but to giggle. And we tend to laugh even louder once we realize these cute and funny virtual creatures look just like one of our fa-vorite celebrities. The Pokémon Diglett stays buried underneath the ground, but when it finally comes up from the dirt, it has a striking resemblance to “Fast & Furious” actor Vin Diesel. From their bald heads to their beady eyes, these two are practically twins!

We couldn’t make this list without including the Pokémon Lickitung, and of course, this character looks like none other than Miley Cyrus. Over the years, Miley has transformed herself from the innocent character on “Hannah Montana” into a tongue-wagging and eccentric star we know today. Miley and Lickitung both constantly have their tongues hanging out of their mouths, and we’re convinced they were definitely separated at birth.

Did you think you would never see a Blaziken in real life? Well, we have news for you. There’s a Blaziken roaming around among us, and it goes by the name of Lady Gaga. Gaga’s physical appearance is almost identical to the fighting Pokémon - right down to her glittery suit and her slicked back hair. The singer’s pointy noise is shaped just like Blaziken’s beak, and they both have the same pointy and menacing eyebrows.

Which of these celebs do you think looks like a Pokémon character the most?