10 Places Where People Bare It All In Public


Our most natural state is in the nude. We were born naked, and as we got older, there became more rules about how much we need to cover up. Through the course of developing laws that were written to keep our society together, rules were made to protect ourselves from the bare body. In the earliest days of our existence, we walked around without clothes with little to no inhibitions. But then as time has progressed, we learned that we needed to cover up. If you’re a Christian, then you probably learned that sin was what made us ashamed of our nudity. But in the conventional world, we learned that nudity can bring up many different kinds of emotions that may lead to unwanted attention. Thanks to the high demand of clothing, the fashion empire was born.

But on the opposite end of the spectrum, there is a growing community of people that oppose laws on nudity. One of the biggest uprisings have been laws regarding how women need to wear tops while men can go shirtless. There is a movement to change topless laws, and there are large groups of women who are willing to break the law and bare it all for the sake of gender equality when it comes to clothes. But believe it or not, there are states in America that actually have a liberal law when it comes to nudity. Where it gets muddy is the nudists’ interpretation as well as the reception of the public. Laws change from city to city, and the cities in this video allow nudity to be legal.