10 Places Americans Are NOT Allowed To Visit


For Americans, picking a travel destination for their next vacation is getting more and more tricky. While some destinations welcome Americans with opened arms, other places are downright dangerous for American visitors. In many of these countries, Americans and Westerns are targeted and sometimes, there isn’t much the U.S. government can do to come to their rescue. Here are a few places Americans are not allowed to visit.

There still aren’t too many areas that are deemed safe for American citizens in Afghanistan. Due to terrorist threats, travel warnings are frequently issued by the U.S. Department of State. Americans risk getting kidnapped and taken hostage. Suicide bombs and improvised explosive de-vices make walking through Afghanistan the equivalent to walking through a battlefield. Extremists are still very active throughout the country, and Americans are targeted in these attacks.

If an American is considering taking a trip to a foreign country, they should cross Somalia off of the list. This country’s lack of security puts any American in danger. Sailing close to the coast-line puts them at risk of being captured by pirates, and even walking through the streets in-creases the likelihood of being kidnapped or murdered by a jihad terrorist group called Al-Shabaab. This group has continuously attacked tourist spots, like popular hotels and restaurants.

For Americans who are thinking about traveling to war-torn Syria, they may want to reconsider. The climate remains dangerous and unstable throughout the country; and bombings, murders and kidnappings are on the rise. Chemical warfare and aerial bombs target areas such as

medical facilities, schools and housing compounds. Major city centers are the prime locations for U.S. citizens to be murdered, kidnapped and held for ransom. For Americans who ignore the warnings, the U.S. government is limited in terms of coming to their rescue.

Stepping foot onto the country of Chad is like walking into a minefield. Outside of the capital city of N’Djamena, The U.S. Embassy is unable to provide any type of services or relief due to the increasing number of explosive mines. U.S. citizens should avoid traveling to Chad because of violent extremist organizations, like Boko Haram, that prey on Westerns. Suicide attacks are prevalent, and kidnapping for ransom is far too common.

Iraq may never be a prime vacation spot for U.S. tourists. Long after the U.S. invaded the

country in 2003 and removed Saddam Hussein from power, the battle rages on. Americans are told to stay far away from Iraq because the climate is still very dangerous, and it’s almost

impossible for the U.S. Embassy to assist anyone in need. Kidnapping and terrorist violence is the norm, and anti-American militias continue to target U.S. citizens with explosive devices.

It’s not completely impossible to visit North Korea, but the U.S. Department of State warns all Americans about traveling to this country. For those who ignore the warnings, they risk being arrested and detained for years due to North Korea’s harsh laws. Simple things that wouldn’t be considered a crime in America can land you behind bars in North Korea for years. For example, this 21-year-old University of Virginia college student was arrested and sentenced to 15 years hard labor for simply stealing a sign at a North Korean hotel.