10 Pixar Villains Who Were Right All Along


When a movie is told from a hero’s perspective, it can be unfair to the antagonists and villains in the story. Only by analyzing the story and breaking down the villains’ motives can we get a true perspective of their motives. In some cases, these villains were misunderstood or right all along.

In the Incredibles, Syndrome did some pretty terrible things, but he was justified for a lot of his actions and the ultimate goal he wanted to achieve. Chick Hicks serves as the main villain in Cars, but he is essentially just an older version of Lightning McQueen. Mr. Waternoose runs a tight ship at Monsters Inc., but the corrupted mind of Randall really changed his career and goal paths. Philip Sherman is the dentist to took Nemo from the sea, but his actions were a great step in preventing an untimely death. Charles Muntz became obsessed with finding a rare bird in Up, but it was probably his old age that got to him. Sid does some terrible things to toys, but he’s really just a kid who didn’t know any better. Frank attacks Lightning McQueen in Cars, but McQueen was actually the one in the wrong. In Ratatouille, Anton Ego is portrayed as an evil restaurant critic, but he was merely doing his job. Al may have stolen Woody in the opening scenes from Toy Story 2, but he shouldn’t be considered as evil as he seems. Lotso Bear went through a terrible life before ending up at Sunnyside Daycare where he learned how to live the good life among the children there.