10 Pictures You Have To Look At Twice


There are so many photos on the web that aren’t what they appear to be. Whether they be pho-toshopped or just crazy happenings that are angled and lined up perfectly, our eyes definitely deceive us into thinking these images are something other than what they appear to be. With many of these photos, we have to look at them twice before we can really figure out what’s real-ly going on.

We were shocked when we first laid eyes on a photo of a woman who appears to be exposing herself in broad daylight, but thankfully, this photo is not what it appears to be. The woman is completely covered up in a modest cardigan and a white blouse. Her arm is bent at an awkward angle, and her right hand rests on top of her right shoulder. So, it’s actually her pointy elbow that gives the appearance of her breast.

In another wacky photo, it looks like conjoined twins are posing for a photo, but that’s simply not the case. One man’s pants and the other man’s jacket match up perfectly in color and material to create this mind-boggling photo. When you look at them together, they definitely appear to be conjoined, but upon closer inspection, it’s pretty obvious that they aren’t. The guy with the blazer is standing behind the man who’s body is bent to the side. They may not be stuck together, but they both definitely have a good sense of humor.

You can see just how easy it is to trick our minds and our eyes into thinking we’re seeing some-thing that’s not actually there. We have trained ourselves throughout our lives to see what we expect to see, so when something is out of the ordinary, it may take us a couple glances before it finally sinks in that we’re seeing something that’s not really happening. For example,this photo of a dog riding the train. This adorable pooch and his owner really deceived our eyes, but if you take a closer look, you can see that the owner has his head slumped over. With his head com-pletely gone from the picture, it gives the appearance that the dog is riding solo and decked out in a pair of jeans a pink T-shirt.

We also found an adorable photo of a little boy on his graduation day. He’s all decked out in his cap and gone to pose for a picture. His right hand holds his diploma, while his left hand looks totally massive. It took us a few minutes, but we finally figured out that the little boy’s left hand is definitely in the picture, it’s just lost in the oversized sleeve of his gown. As for that gigantic hand? It belongs to the man who’s standing next to him.

Ever seen a tiny man riding on a woman’s back? Neither have we, that ’s why we couldn’t help but to burst into laughter after seeing this image. After taking a closer look, you can see the guy is sitting in the far corner of the back bench. His black pants blend seamlessly with the black stripe on the woman’s shirt. These two people just so happened to unknowingly position them-selves perfectly together to create this wacky photo that really fooled our eyes.

Which of these crazy photos tripped you out the most?