10 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Old


The last class born in the 90s will be graduating in 2017. It makes us feel so old! It seems like yesterday we were still studying in high school and we woke up today as grown-up adults. Time flies so fast. So let’s go back and look at memories from our childhood to celebrate this moment. If you were born in the 90s, these are 10 pictures that will make you feel old.

Nowadays, we just can’t live without our cellphones. It follows us in bed, at the restaurant, and in the bathroom. We feel like it is a new part of our body. But in the 90s, cellphones were not as smart as they are today. They didn’t even have a keyboard, so we had to press a number up to four times to type a letter. And do you remember the Nokia phones? They were impossible to break. This is one characteristic we wish our iPhones still had today.

As grown-ups, we now have to face a lot of responsibilities at school, at work, or at home with our family. Life was much easier when all we had to care about was our Tamagotchi. We used to press three buttons to feed, make happy, or train this digital pet. We started with a baby and then it grew up to be a child, a teenager, and an adult. But when we forgot it for a day, it wasn’t alive anymore, and we felt like the worst parents in the world.