10 Pictures That Cannot Be Unseen


Every now and then we come across pictures on the Internet and wonder, why does this exist? Because of that, these images are forever branded into our brains, and the world just isn’t the same! From a hunky llama, to a NFL player who looks like a rap star, these are 10 pictures that cannot be unseen!

It’s surprising when some of our favorite stars are seen in the faces of animals. Like Taylor Swift and this opossum, or Justin Bieber and this sloth. But, the best animal look a like has to go to a very handsome llama. When you see this llama, you may automatically see it’s celebrity counterpart, but for those of you having trouble, it’s Taylor Lautner! We can’t tell if it’s actually a llama or Taylor for got to shave, either way, they are both adorable!

Body builders are work hard to obtain or maintain what is considered the perfect physique. But, one posting from a Facebook troll has made body builders more of a visual laughing stock. This is a picture of a very in shape guy, with a quote saying that it looks like their neck muscles are the shoulder of a smaller man popping out of the torso. And now, every picture of a body builder looks like a smaller man trying to escape their muscular body!

Michael Cera plays very laid-back roles, while Severus Snape is anything but laid back. So, again, who on earth would think about merging the pair? Who ever it was had a detailed eye, because what they got is an anomaly! When you take Michael Cera’s hair and lips, then ad Severus Snape’s eyes and cheeks, you get makeup less Marilyn Manson. Considering he is supposed to be hard core Goth, this makes Manson look a lot less scary.

Ryan Gosling is known as a heartthrob, and Steve Buscemi, well, isn’t. So who on earth would have ever thought to merge these polar opposites together? Who ever did came up with a photo that cannot be unseen! If you take Ryan Gosling, and sprinkle in a little Steve Buscemi, you get none other than 90’s child star, Macaulay Culkin. Yep, it looks like Macaulay has Ryan’s hair, and Steve’s eyes. Better luck next time Macaulay!

If you are like most people, you have probably gone your whole life seeing the “Sunkist” label. You may have never even given it a second thought. You probably even thought the label said “Sunkist”, but if you look a little closer, you might notice something a bit off. That’s right, the label looks like it says “Sinkist”, which doesn’t sound like a delicious orange beverage. It seems like a big mistake for such a large company, maybe they are hoping no one will notice.

She may be one of the hottest stars in the world, but Selena Gomez seems to be hiding something. She has tiny toddlers hiding in her knees, at least according to the Internet. Every time the singer is pictured with her knees showing, Internet trolls take to twitter to mention the tiny faces that seem to appear. Though we are sure she doesn’t have knee babies, we will never be able to look at Selena’s knees the same way again!

If you don’t know who Troy Aikman is, you aren’t alone. The Internet has decided to disregard Aikman’s stellar NFL career and identify him by comparing his looks to another star. That star happens to be world famous rapper, Jay-Z! During a Sunday Night Football game in January 2017, twitter users went crazy comparing how much Aikman looks like Jay-Z. Soon, pictures comparing the ex-NFL player and the rapper went viral. Thus leaving Aikman with a new nickname “White Jay-Z”, and we will never look at him the same way!