10 Photos To Test Your Intelligence


We’ve all seen various images floating around the internet proclaiming that only 7% of people can see the an image of an elephant in this optical illusions, or something similar. But does being able to make out an optical illusion really mean anything substantial, or is it just how our eyes are designed to work? While our eyes are how we see things, it’s really up to our brains to process and interpret all of the data our eyes take in. And the way we think we see things has a lot to do with what’s going on behind the scenes. Science believes that learning more about how the regions of our brains communicate with one another could be the secret to better teaching methods.

Remember that pesky white and gold dress? Or was it black and blue? You’ll be surprised to learn what your perception of that event says about you. We’ve all seen “spot the difference” illustrations, but they reveal a surprising amount about how your brain operates. Finding the missing pattern in a sequence also shows off how your brain relies on processing speed and how that relates to your overall intelligence. Optical illusions, such as the famous Hering illusion, feature straight lines that appear bent, but for some of us they’re not as mind-bending as for others.