10 Photos That PROVED People Wrong Part2


Throughout our lives, we have been raised to believe certain things about life. For example, in its early stages, we believed that photos were reliable proof when researching something. In fact, photography is not only one of the most informative media outlets we have, but it is also one of the most deceptive. You can’t look at a photo these days and be able to say whether or not it is actually real. But, also photos have a way of revealing truth and dispelling misconceptions. It’s rather amazing at just how much information can be given in one photo. Granted, sometimes it takes a trained eye to be able to look at something and tell whether or not it is fact or fiction. But eventually, the truth reveals itself with time and a bit of digging into the facts.

In this video, we’re going to talk about ten more photos that proved people wrong! Do you think alligators are always floating underwater? They actually walk underwater like humans! We as a society love to use photos to prove our point, like a photo of a crack in the ice shelf in Antarctica. Thanks to the advances in photo editing, and how easy it can be to turn a photo into something that bends reality, like this photo of this massive bodybuilder. No longer can we look at photography as a reliable source. As you watch this video, your perception of life could very well change, and all that you were born to believe may become wrong!