10 Photos That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind


They say that seeing is believing. After all, if you actually witness something with your own eyes then it must be true, right? Well, not always. Our brains are incredibly powerful but in combination with our eyes they can actually be fooled quite easily. Think back to the last time you saw a magician like David Blaine perform one of his incredible tricks. It’s just a case of illusion – all meant to fool the senses and give the air of believability. However, when you first see such tricks they are pretty believable and you’re like pretty certain what you just saw really happened - even though the common-sense part of your brain is screaming ‘no.’ From magic to advertising, this situation happens more than you think as people try their hardest to convince us of something that simply isn’t true.

Of course, there’s also the dirty and immature parts of our brains that come into play every now and then. It’s true humans think about sex a lot. Add in the fact that there’s also a part of the brain that clearly stopped developing for many of us around the age of 12 and you have the perfect storm when it comes to certain situations. What do we mean? In addition to photos with obvious sexual undertones, many of us can look at otherwise harmless looking images and turn them into something dirty. In the case of these following pictures, if you throw in a strangely placed hand or unfortunately placed leg, then it can create a pretty hilarious situation. Well, hilarious only if you have a dirty mind.