10 Photos Taken Seconds Before Reality Hit


Life is full of surprises. We all know that. Everyday all over the planet people are met with a variety of surprising and unexpected situations – both good and bad. That knock on the door, that phone call, that new e-mail that just arrived. All are perfect examples of things which could be both good and bad. Of course, out in the world, whether you’re travelling in another country, commuting or just working your job, events happen every now and then to remind you that reality can strike at any minute. We’ve all had it happen to us in a variety of locations and situations. Sometimes it can be funny while other times reality can be just plain annoying. In all honesty, there usually isn’t much you can do when reality decides to strike.

Thankfully, with the proliferation of camera technology all over the world, we have access to some rather memorable moments that involve reality striking. In fact, look around the internet and you’ll find a ton of pictures involving people and events right before something bad or unlucky occurs. For the most part, the event in question is largely out of the hands of the people who are getting a solid dose of reality. As you’ll see, however, every now and then an image perfectly captures how a bad decision and reality are about to come together to form a perfect storm. From funny, to unfortunate, to straight up painful, these moments will leave you wondering what exactly happened in the seconds that followed.