10 People With The Largest Body Parts In The World


Some people are born with abnormally huge body parts, while others go to great lengths to have their body parts surgically altered. We came across a few people who have some of the largest body parts we have ever seen. These extremely oversized parts include long eyelashes, stretched earlobes, and gigantic feet. Many of these people were also lucky enough to be recognized by “The Guinness Book of World Records.”

Having ear hair is pretty annoying, but a grocery store owner named Radhakant Baijpai found out his ear hair was worthy enough to receive props from Guinness World Records. In 2003, Radhakant’s ear hair was officially measured, and it came in at an impressive length of over 5 inches long. But after several years, and a lot of ear hair grooming, Radhakant’s ear hair now measures at almost 10 inches long! Pretty amazing, right?

Speaking of long hair, we came across a Canadian named Gillian Criminisi who was crowned with the world’s largest eyelash. Gillian’s longest lash measures in at 3.18 inches long, and it grows on the left upper eyelid. The rest of Gillian’s eyelash are of a more normal length. Can you imagine trying to put mascara on that one, extra long lash? What a pain!

But not all body parts are created naturally. A woman by the name of Kristina Rei from Saint Petersburg, Russia claims to have the biggest lips in the world. But just like Kylie Jenner, Kristina’s pout was created with the help of lip fillers. Kristina says she paid almost $5,000 to have her lips plumped up to emulate her favorite cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit. That’s about 125 lip plumping procedures in total.

Having big feet is one thing, but having long toes is another. A man by the name of Matthew McGrory broke the record for the longest toes with a big toe measuring 5 inches long! But Matthew’s toes were definitely in proportion to his body. He stood at 7’6” tall! Sadly, he passed away in 2005 at the age of 32.

Have you ever seen someone pop their eyeballs out of their head? Well, a woman named Kim Goodman suffers from a case of extreme proptosis - a protrusion of the eyeball. Kim has the unique ability to pop her eyeballs 0.47 inches beyond her eye socket. Kim discovered she had this amazing talent when she was hit on the head with a hockey mask, and her eyes completely bugged out. Once she realized her secret talent, she learned how to pop her enormous eyeballs out of their sockets on cue.

When it comes to big butts, most people think of Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Although the sisters may be toting around some major junk in their trunks, the size of their butts doesn’t come close to the size of the rear end of a Los Angeles woman named Mikel Ruffinelli. Mikel is the woman behind…or in front of…the biggest butt in the world. Her hips measure at an astonishing 8.25 feet around. But having a big butt has its downsides. Mikel says her extra wide derriére makes it difficult to walk in doorways, and fitting in her shower is almost impossible.