10 People With Real Life Superpowers Caught On Camera


All of us, at some point in our lives, tied a cape over our shoulders and jumped around the living room, pretending we could fly. Or, lifted up a set of toy cars acting as if we had the strength to hurl an entire vehicle. Or, swam into the deep end of a pool and imagined we were single-handedly submerged into the darkest depths of the ocean. But all these powers are merely the stuff of comic books, right? Wrong! Superheroes walk among us, and while most use their powers for good, nearly all mingle with normal humans in an unassuming way – going unnoticed. It’s crazy to think that your co-worker could be a secret strongman or that blind neighbor could be more aware of his or her surroundings than you will ever be. But that’s what makes these 10 People With Real Life Superpowers Caught On Camera all the more interesting.

TheHub has culled stories of rumored occurrences and confirmed fact. We’ve searched through videos and record-books to bring you these unique individuals with skills that were attained through years of training, granted to them at birth, or discovered last-minute in sticky situations. Whether it’s a mysterious Russian man performing a feat of strength; a gifted suspected criminal overpowering his opponents; the endurance abilities demonstrated by Wim Hof, Aleix Segura Vendrell, Tom Sietas, Alain Robert, Phoenix Jones and Jack LaLanne; the technical savvy of Richard Browning; or the split-second decisions of men in costumes, these real life superpowers will amaze and excite you!