10 People With ODD Body Features


Maybe you can touch your tongue to your elbow, or bend your thumb all the way back to your wrist, but we all have something that makes us unique. However, some of us tend to stand out a bit more than others because of our unusual body features. We’ll introduce you to ten amazing people that you might do a double-take at if you passed them on the street. Godfrey Baguma has a facial deformity that hasn’t held him back from being a popular performer in Uganda. Liam Derbyshire’s lungs decide to take a nap when he does, meaning he is in danger whenever he hits the snooze button. You have probably heard of someone with six pack abs, but Chul Soon has managed to develop an eight pack! When he wasn’t allowed to attend school because he doesn't’ have any arms, Madan Lal knew he needed to learn a trade, so he became the best tailor in his village.