10 People Who Were Created By Scientists


We know that science and technology impacts us in a million different ways, but some people owe their very life to incredible scientific advancements. In this video, we will show you some of the most amazing ways that science has helped shape people’s lives. Being born prematurely is more dangerous than many people realize, and even those infants that survive are often afflicted with serious issues. However, thanks to a new artificial womb, these premature babies will have some extra time to grow and develop in a safe environment. Most children are born using the classic two parent method, but some scientists have created a child using DNA from three parents and a controversial new technique. When a baby is born with a genetic disorder it can be a race against time to get a diagnosis, which is the first step for treatment. One scientist has unlocked a method to rapidly make a genetic diagnosis, which has been critical in saving the lives of many children. Being afflicted with locked-in syndrome sounds like the worst fate imaginable. Being able to feel every itch on your body without being able to scratch, and hearing people talking and being unable to respond is horrifying, but new technology is giving the afflicted a way to speak and be heard. Walking down the aisle during a wedding is something that most of us take for granted, but one man needed a little bit of extra help from a robotic exoskeleton to make it to his bride.