10 People Who Took Their Disney Obsession To The Next Level


Everyone loves Disney. That is no secret. Most people will watch a movie every once in awhile and feel satisfied. For others, that is not enough. There are some people out there who live and breathe Disney. Here are 10 People Who Took Their Disney Obsession to the Next Level.

Just take Emily Simpson for instance. Hailing from the UK, this young woman decided that Disney was everything to her. So much so, that she has spent over 15,000 pounds on Disney memorabilia. She has pretty much everything that you could possibly purchase from Disney, including a 200 pound camera and a Pandora bracelet valued at 1,000 pounds.

George Reiger is another serious Disney fan, possibly even the biggest out there. He loves Disney so much that he has gotten over 1,900 Disney tattoos. His body is pretty much a walking billboard for Disney. He also lives in a house that is decked out in Disney paraphernalia. If it’s Disney, you can bet that he has it.

Even celebrities are obsessed with Disney. Just look at Ginnifer Goodwin. She may play a Disney princess in “Once Upon a Time,” but that doesn’t stop her from feeling like she needs to visit Disneyland once a month.

No matter who you are, Disney probably has a special place in your heart. But if you aren’t tattooing yourself or spending loads of cash on Disney memorabilia, then you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of next level fandom. For more crazy stories of Disney fans, stay tuned to 10 People Who Took Their Disney Obsession to the Next Level. You won’t believe what one girl did with her college tuition!