10 People Who Took The Barbie Theme TOO FAR


It seems like America’s favorite doll, Barbie has it all, beauty, a career, and a good-looking man! But, what happens when people start taking their Barbie obsession a little too far? From getting expensive plastic surgery, to spending every dollar they have on crazy Barbie themed goods, these are 10 people who took the Barbie theme too far!

When she was only 9 years old, Alicia Amira became consumed with the idea of wanting to look like what she calls a “Bimbo”. Coming from a traditional family, she had to wait until she was 18 to explore her options. She saved $5,000 to enlarge her breasts from a D cup to a J cup, but wants them even bigger! She says her goal is to look as plastic as possible, and she plans on having a handful more surgeries. Amira quit her job in PR in hopes to turn being a real life Barbie into a fulltime career.

Under the direction of Fashion designer turned creative director, Jeremy Scott, fashion label, Moschino, decided to take inspiration from Barbie for it’s 2015 spring collection. The fashion show featured models in Barbie themed garments, as well as cheap looking Barbie wigs. It seems like the Moschino designers took their creative director literally, because when it got to the evening dresses, it was a total miss. The dresses looked like they came from every poorly dressed Barbie in the 80’s, featuring puffy shoulders, and over the top details.

Ever since Blondie Bennett was playing with her Barbie Dolls over 30 years ago, she wanted to become Barbie herself. At the age of 18 she started getting jobs as a Promotional Model pretending to be Barbie at events. She has since spent over $25,000 on surgeries to make herself look like her hero. She is even currently going through online hypnosis sessions to make herself brainless, like a real doll. She wants people to see her as a plastic sex doll, and claims that being brainless helps her achieve her goal!

When she was only 15 years old Japanese born Azusa Sakamoto become obsessed with American Culture. Shortly after discovering girls in America loved Barbie, she purchased her first Barbie lunchbox, and the rest was history. Sakamoto now lives in Los Angeles where she is a nail artist, and every paycheck she gets goes towards Barbie themed goods. She has spent over $70,000 on her Barbie obsession, shelling out $23,000 of it on her Barbie themed wardrobe. Everything she owns, down to her utensils, is branded by Barbie!

She may look familiar, that’s because Ukrainian born model, Valerie Lukyanova has been pretty popular on the Internet. The Internet has labeled Valeria the, “Human Barbie” thanks to her plastic surgeries in order to look like the doll. Valeria went so far into her “Human Barbie” role that she vowed to only live off water and oxygen. Since becoming popular online, she has dedicated her whole life, up to 7 hours a day to being “Human Barbie”.

In 2013 the Hilton hotel in Buenos Aires opened it’s doors to Barbie crazed hotel guests with their Barbie VIP suite. The hotel room features a 36-inch TV that plays nonstop Barbie shows, a pink run way, and of course Barbie dolls to play with. For just around $200 dollars a night, you can live like Barbie herself! Though it may seem like every Barbie lovers dream come true, this over the top Barbie themed room seems more like a nightmare.

Model Pixie Fox, and her best friend Justin have decided to dedicate their lives to living like real life “Barbie & Ken”. Fox started getting plastic surgery when she was only 18 years old, and hasn’t looked back. She has become so obsessed with being real life Barbie, that she’s become addicted to plastic surgery. Together her and Justin have spent over half a million dollars on 350 plastic surgeries! Fox’s most extreme surgery included her removing 6 of her lower abs in order to get Barbie’s famous hourglass shape!